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    Our first product launch.


    I have designed, tested, and patented a product for the hydroponinc and gardening industry.  Its function is expandable by means of a series of modular accessories that allows a grower to use the readily available industry standards. Click for the product website here.


    My next event... Sat.October 10th


    WHEN?  October 10th

    The Museum of Design will be taking a field trip to my studio.
    I will be demonstrating technologies I have developed in industries such as aviation and hydroponics. There will be discussion on 3-D printing and how it's used in my work. Moreover, there will be talks focusing on my design method. For those of you who know me I rarely open my studio doors or do events so I'm hoping to see you there it will be a good time. It will be on a Saturday from noon to 2 PM. The details are in the link below and I encourage you to look through it. This is a Museum of Design event so please look through their information concerning fees and scheduling.

    Click here for more details:



    Fall 2013

    Sharing and exploring what nature is, together, has been humbling and rewarding. Learning to hunt by wind is far more dynamic than expected and has shed insight on how subtly complex our natural environment is. Enjoy it while we can, when we can, where we can.




    Spring 2013

    My technology is well suited to be integrated into many industries.  We are currently developing relationships with leaders in strategic markets.  Lots of traveling, shaking new hands, and smiling.



    June 10th 2012

    My AIMS project continues.



    December 17th 2011

    These past few years have been a compelling escapade into a new industry for myself and my family. Its been a winding road through state-of-the-art materials and modern process. We have arrived in uncharted territory with new friends and an "avant-garde method" in the great Midwest.




    On April 1st 2011, I will open my new studio and showroom. I am taking over the former Museum of Design space. The new space, three galleries totaling 3,500 square feet, will be located on the lower and upper lobby of the Marquis II office tower located in Downtown Atlanta at 285 Peachtree Center Ave NE. We are excited about the location. We look forward to showing and sharing the new space with you.



    NEXT EXHIBITION: October 1-30 2010 at the MODA.

     Artist and Designer Kristofer Laméy premieres an exclusive collection of his limited-edition works at the Museum of Design in Atlanta during the entire month of October.

    For the first time, hand-selected pieces culled from private collectors will be installed and showcased to the general public during this exclusive engagement.  Kristofer will be present daily to explain and demonstrate his works for the duration of Atlanta’s Design Week.

    “My design ethic requires that the materials used in my work are chosen for a reason.    It’s necessary for me to understand their nature. The goal of each piece is to apply the properties of the materials within it to create a unified, lasting and irreducible
    form. This way each piece becomes a part of the whole, and each element supports the others in a relaxed state."

    I ask two basic questions of any serving form: Does it meet my needs? And if so, is the quality of the form going to last for a lifetime? If the answer is ‘yes’ to both, then I believe as a designer, you’re able to create a work that can be defined as ‘truly sustainable.’

    SERVING FORMS is a term I use to make sense of the objects in my environment that I use every day. I challenge the viewer to examine the relationship they have with the objects they use in their environments- and ask themselves: are these forms serving me? Or am I serving these forms?


    Click here for information about the MODA.





    The Mary Stanley Studio Presents.....




    Opening reception at the Museum of Design Atlanta


    Pecha Kucha night Berlin, Germany


    I will be presenting my work on Pecha Kucha night in Berlin, Germany on tuesday night  August 31st.

    My presentation will touch and go on these questions: 

    Do the forms in your every day environment serve you or do you serve these forms? What is the true meaning of sustainability in product development? Furthermore, with advancements in manufacturing technology how can designers reduce the carbon footprint of the forms purchased in today’s marketplace?


    What is Pecha Kucha? >>> wikipedia answers

    click here for the details.




    Pecha Kucha night Los Angeles volume #25



    I will be presenting my work on Pecha Kucha night in Los Angeles on August 20th.


    What is Pecha Kucha? >>> wikipedia answers



    Visit my studio July 25th with the High Musums "Art Partners"

    Art partners invite its High Museum members and the Public to visit my studio in Castleberry Hill on Sunday, July 25th.  During the tour of my studio you will be able to see my work, see how I work, and I will be able to demonstrate the functonal aspects of my Art Form. You will be encouraged to ask any questions you may have.  It will be a family oriented event so if you have inquisitive young ones or old ones they are welcome. The event will be catered with wine, cheese, and little extras.  The Art Partners organization would like visitors to RSVP for this event. There are two time slots available which are 4-5.30 and 6-7.30. Click here for the directions and details.

    Click this link to RSVP, see the schedule, and details.

     Art Partners is a dynamic social and volunteer organization that supports the HIGH Museum through fundraisers and events. Participants enjoy exclusive programs planned around a variety of interests and schedules, and educational opportunities that include visits to local artists' studios, intimate gatherings in the homes of private collectors, and private tours of both local galleries and Museum exhibitions. There are also socials and other events specifically geared for singles and young professionals.






    The Day of Murders in the History of Hamlet

    My involvement with my french friends has been a pleasure.  Come see the work! 


    "The Day of Murders in the History of Hamlet" By Bernard Marie-Koltès


    -Moderator, Dan Safer

     -Thierry de Peretti, director of The Day of Murders in the History of Hamlet

     -Nicolas Baby, sound designer

     -David Bersanetti, light, stage, and video designer

     -Kristofer Laméy, artist, stage designer

     -Isma’il ibn Conner, “Claudius,” and founder of the Koltès Project


    a short video by Matt Odom


    We had some friends over at our studio the other night. the next day Matt surprised us with a sneaky video he made.  Anyway, we thought it was cool and we felt like posting it.



    Photographer Matt Odom and artist Kristofer Laméy are currently working together to capture images of Kristofer's ladders in thought provoking settings.  Kristofer said "by taking the ladder out of a museum setting and placing it in other environments the form adopts a whole new meaning. The primary meaning of a ladder is ascension and I believe this is why when set in a particular setting the message in the photograph can be powerful." Matt Said "Kristofer and I have worked together photographing his pieces in a studio setting, so having the opportunity to take his art into the wild is an exciting endeavor.  The images we are creating together are remarkably compelling and thought provoking.  It's rare to have an opportunity to work with another artist who brings so much to the process of making a compelling image."

    Matt and Kristofer are currently scouting new locations and look forward to sharing the work so stay tuned!


    L'artiste plasticien Kristofer Laméy et le photographe Matt Odom, travaillent actuellement ensemble. Ils photographient les échelles de Kristofer en cherchant à en modifier les paramètres.

    Kristofer Laméy déclare : «  En retirant l'échelle d'un musée traditionnel et en la plaçant dans d'autres environnements, elle adopte un sens entièrement nouveau. 

    L’échelle, c’est l’Ascension, c’est pourquoi je pense qu’en la détournant de son sens premier et littéral, la photo prise en sera d'autant plus puissante. »

    Matt déclare à son tour : «  Kristofer et moi avons déjà travaillé ensemble en studio, mais « sortir » l’art de Kristofer dans la nature est une tentative nouvelle. Nous créons des images qui nous semblent à la fois marquantes, dérangeantes. Il est rare de pouvoir travailler avec un artiste qui, autant que lui, comprend ce qu’implique la construction d’une image. »


    Kristofer Lamey et Matt Odom sont à recherche de nouveaux lieux pour montrer leur travail, alors soyez vigilants !




    Saturday, February 6, 2010 7:00 PM - 10:00pm

    I will be donating one of my mobile experiment titled "mobile experiment #2 in blue".

    Title: experiment #2 in blue
    Media/materials: Aluminium
    Date: april 2007
    Dimensions: 8 feet x 5 feet x 8 feet (must hang 7 inches from the ground)

    199 Armour Dr NE Atlanta, GA 30324










    Le Flash

    Castleberry hil, october 2nd... at night